Thursday, March 28, 2013

a Graze invite code at last (this made my month)

A HUGE thank you to Jodi Schulman (a fan of the page) who graciously gave me her Graze invite code so I can finally get this box of awesome for myself... The princess is already anticapitaing getting the invite code from my box and planning what she will order....I decided to do every 2 weeks right now (but may bump it up to weekly if I love it as much as I anticipate) This will be perfect for my med time snacks (all my meds unfortuantly need to be taken with food and at 47 pills a day that's a lot of snacks I am not really into (thank you  Bethanie Purdy Langley for counting up how many I actually do take in a day) It say I should receive my first box of goodies in 10 days.... I promise a review as soon as I get this long awaited box!!!!

for those who are wondering what is all the hoopla is about, Graze is a company that sends snack boxes (healthy like nits, dried fruits, things like that but also throw in a twist and makes over 120 mouth watering options) you can receive the box weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly. The boxes are $5 each and each box comes with 4 individual sized snack I believe  This box originated in the UK (where I have many friends with AOSD) my English friends have been raving about this box for some time now but it only recently came to the US and it's still in start up mode so you can only get in on the boxes by invitation only (and each person only gets 1 invite code and it's a one time use code, so it's VERY difficult to get in on this box of yummy which is why getting this code this morning made my month ...and the Princess's month too)

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  1. Hi Kimberlee,

    I have been trying to get a graze code for months now and came across your post when trying to find a code. If you ever come across another code I would appreciate if you could share it... Please email me at if you can. Thanks and hope you are enjoying your graze boxes.