Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Search for a cup of coffee that tastes like home

I have really been craving a Mexican mocha latte with a hint of chili pepper and there is absolutely NO CHANCE of finding one here (and it’s unlikely I could even find one in the surrounding states)

 I figured, ok no biggie...

 I used to make my own at home once I knew what my favorite coffee house used to make it (they were closing permanently and told me how they made the Aztec latte that I loved so much and even sold me a huge container of the Mexican spice part of the recipe) and I knew of a shop over in north side that sold the mix as well just ended the mix, coffee, cream or milk and a little sweetener of your choice was all that was needed to make one of the best coffee drinks I’ve ever had. 

I looked high and low but could only locate it online for more than quadruple what I had paid locally there in Ft Worth and I wasn’t paying that when I could buy several Christmas gifts instead no matter how much I was craving the magic elixir. 

I decided to look for those  Mexican hot chocolate tablets at the grocery stores, even asked at three stores locally... the employees all looked at me like I was crazy and pointed out the Swiss miss hot chocolate packets 😂

So I once again looked to amazon for some kind of hope .... success ... they DID have the tablets that I could until I found what I really needed.

Finally the tablets arrived, I went to make a latte and was praying it would taste close enough to my Aztec latte that I would at least not be driven to madness by my craving.


I was out of cream, milk, coffee mate, even the powder creamer I keep for emergencies was gone because we used it when camping 🙄

Totally my luck

So what’s a girl to do...

Give up in the Aztec latte and just eat the Mexican hot chocolate tablet like a savage 

It at least helps satisfy the craving enough to get me through till tomorrow when Dave can bring home half and half when he comes home from work so I can have my coffee.

And now I know that this will still need some spice added because although it has the right "taste" it doesn’t have the chili heat that my dream latte had, so at least my eating the tablet was productive in letting me know to add a couple chili’s to the shopping list for Dave as well

I still need to find and order the actual product I wanted to begin with. 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Missing the happiest place on earth

I truly miss Texas Motor Soeedway which my middle child Kaden and I named “the happiest place in earth”  

I’m not a total redneck, but spending time at the track became one of my favorite traditions with my big kids when they were in middle school and high school. I worked a lot of hours back then and we didn’t get as much quality time together as I would have liked especially during the time we were rebuilding our lives after my divorce we needed something to look forward to.

for those of you who aren’t NASCAR fans, here’s a little secret ...it is NOT cheap to go to the races,but I made sure we went. Usually taking Tori to the truck races on Friday , and Kaden to Bush/nationwide/xfinity on Saturday since I couldn’t really afford for us all three to go to all events but it was due because it gave me special one on one time with the kids. 
Poor Kaden every time I tried to take him to an actual sprint cup series race something happened (well April in Texas you always expect rain issues, but even the November races comically always had an issue if I planned to take Kaden (he did finally get to go to one though) we did usually get to all go to the Indy races together when they were there every June (whole different crowd at Indy races) 

I will never forget the first time I took my hubby to a race, he had never been to a race and really had not even watched a race on TV before he met me (and usually played EQ or WoW while I watched the races most weekends) He went because he knew it was a huge part of my life, and something the kids and I looked forward to....he was NOT looking forward to it ... OT at all.... surprisingly, he really enjoyed it and got hooked (but he only enjoys it if we are at the track, he still,isn’t one to watch it in TV other than the first and last few laps) He told me he always thought that the only people at the races would be toothless rednecks, kinda made me wonder what he thought of me when he discovered how much I loved NASCAR.  

I wish we lived close enough to a track that I could continue the tradition these days with Tuff now that he’s finally old enough to really enjoy a race (well with lots of ear protection) It’s something he and I watch together, and he has seen all the pics of me at the track with my friends and/or his older siblings and then after I met his daddy pics of us enjoying the races. Pit road, driver Q&As, infield camping, just basically doing what I love and although my big kids may not have loved it as much as I did it became an important part of their teen years and of the early years of my and Dave’s relationship (before adopting Tuff) 

Actually the day we started paperwork to adopt Tuff (and the first time we ever got to meet Tuff) we left CPS after spending several hours getting to know Tuff, went home to pick up Kaden and headed directly to the TMS . I remember the first items we ever bought him were that afternoon at the racetrack.... Kaden picked out a Kyle Bush onsie for Tuff and I picked out a Jimmie Johnson bib and a pair of Jimmie Johnson socks...crazy part was we had literally just started the process so we were not even sure we would become his parents but we had just fallen in live with him and headed to the track so me being me and with the races meaning so much to our family I simply HAD to buy him something right then at the track ... it was almost as if by doing so it made it all real somehow. I actually called my parents FROM the track to tell them we had made it official and stated the paperwork to proceed with foster to adoption after meeting Tuff....they didn’t even know I had a meeting scheduled (an aunt went with adage and I to the meeting) 

Maybe I need to plan a trip home around a race weekend so Tuff can experience it all first hand .... would be really special if his big brother and sister could also fly in from Colorado since I don’t think they haven’t been to the races since we adopted Tuff either...it would mean the world to me if we could all do it together at least once.... and my daddy too, since although usually he didn’t go “with us”he was always there too... camping in the infield all week actually, the only time he even used his RV for years was for race weekends at TMS. It’s a family thing (my mom hates it though, and has only gone once or twice) 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

New look and a fresh start

Those of y’all who have been readers for awhile (as in before I took a break from blogging) will notice that the blog has a new look. I decided that since I had been away so long I wanted to get a fresh start and that included an updated look. Well, in this case the “updated” look is more of a retro vibe. Let me know what y’all think of the new look. 

This time around there will be more recipes, more mommy stuff, more autism talk, and more chronic illness/autoimmune/autoinflamatory hacks. There will of course be reviews and many of them will be subscription boxes because I am still a sub box addict, but I want to get back to blogging for the lobe of blogging and not just doing sub box reviews and nothing else. When I started this blog it wasn’t for sub boxes, but the boxes took over the blog but that is because the boxes kinda took over my life there for awhile (and anyone who subscribe to as many boxes as I did back then would agree that it can easily start to take over every aspect of your life) 

I have a few boxes sitting here that I need to photograph and then I will get the reviews posted. A few boxes for Tuffy, one for the dogs, and one or two for myself have stacked up since I got back from spending July with my parents. I should have a few of those posted by the end of the weekend. 

School,started here the first of August, so we are finally settled into our routine and I have the time to  really work on content here again. I have a few ideas that I am really excited about and hope y’all will be too. 

If there is anything y’all would like to see going forward let me know and I will try to make it happen. 

Tuffy waiting for the bus 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

GREAT kids healthy snacks box June 2018

GREAT kids healthy snacks box June 2018

There is a new kids snack box out there ya'll!
GREAT Kids healthy snacks box is a monthly box that sends 30 snacks designed for kids who need a variety of tasty yet healthy snacks.

our box arrived quickly after ordering, I did receive this box at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

as you can see this was completely full, and offered a wide variety of healthy goodies for kids (and mommas too) 

mini JIMMYBAR banana muffin flavor
raw rev glo mixed nuts, caramel. & sea salt flavor
shanti mini raw power energy bar longetivity cacao
RBAR peanut butter and jelly energy bar
super pop protein nut butter bar peanut butter and honey flavor

bia bar chocolate cookie flavor
bia bar sweet & salty flavor
coco yummys coconut treats with milk caramel (two of those)

power crunch kids snap stick protein snack in birthday cake
power crunch kids protein snack in peanut butter honey
Zone perfect nutrition bars for kids sugar cookie flavor
Zone perfect nutrition bars for kids yellow cupcake flavor
zone perfect nutrition bars for kids chocolate cookie flavor

brothers all natural freeze dried fruit crisps freeze dried strawberries
goodness inside turbana plantain chips

Abby's cookies shortbread
Abby's cookies chocolate chip
NOW baking company chocolate chip cookie
Remy's grahams cinnamon flavor grahams

Buddha bowl foods Himalayan pink organic popcorn
beanitos baked white bean crunch mac n cheese flavor chips

also included in our ox was Love Grown brand polar puffs cereal in single serve bowl, unfortunately this opened in transport and had spilled into the box. My little guy was looking at it longingly.

GREAT kids healthy snack box sends 30 high quality healthy kid approved snacks straight to your door monthly.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Starting the Seamless Bible Study with Proverbs 31 online ministries 

Something about doing this particular Bible study here at my parents house in the room that I spent some of my most broken moments struggling to discover the woman I was meant to become.

Possibly the most ambitious study I’ve done so far, understanding the Bible as one complete linear story ... not gonna lie, something I have always struggled with is how it all makes sense as a complete entity.... I can memorize scripture all day long and buy every type of study bible on the market (and I HAVE bought most of them in KJV, NIV, and NLT) in my quest to finally have the mystery unlocked....

So here I am back home for the month several decades older and still trying to figure it all out

It’s now later the same evening, I hear my youngest son breathing beside me and my husband softly snoring on the other side of the bed. I’ve been journaling some about my thoughts on the lessons in seamless so far while we got my little guy to sleep, maybe it’s that I live so far away now or that my parents are retired and I’m older and wiser but when I come home for visits I seem to discover more about myself as I reflect on the past and realize how far I have come and now looking back even during the unspeakable moments I can see Gods plan and how it made me who I am today.
Some of questions we were asked to ask ourselves during the five lessons this week while seeming easy and straight forward at first after spending some time really thinking about it and praying on it I am getting down to some real truths about myself and things I still need to work out with the Lord.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Owl Post Imagination Book Box June 2018

Owl post imagination book box  is a monthly book subscription for kids. Each month you child will receive three books centered around a theme, as well as a toy that fits the theme, a pack of crayons and a card that explains the theme aThey have an option for kids aged 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12. The subscription is $25 per month. This is a review of the 4-7 year old box.
One of th fun things about this particular box is that it is a coloring page/project as well. The crayons that come are to color the box, and let’s be honest who doesn’t need a fresh pack of crayons on hand at all times to avoid the "my blue crayon broke meltdown" that will inevitably start the moment you try to have a professional phone call. Ladies these crayons may save your sanity, if you don’t need them right away then do yourself a favor and hide them until the moment your kiddo has their next crayon emergency.

 Where do pants go? By Rebecca Van Slyke Hardcover  ($6.62 on Amazon)

Dream Away By Julia Durango Hardcover ($16.99 amazon prime)

Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon boardbook  ($6.62 Amazon) 

The themed toy in this Imagination box was a wooden car. We had some paint left from a Melissa & Doug project we did last week, so my son will paint this car as a rainy day project. We are actually going on a long car trip this summer so the car (after it is painted) ,the crayons and the box everything came in will become part of his car activities.

This was our first Owl Post Imagination Box and Tuffy was very happy with the books. He is a pretty solid reader (he is going to be a first grader next year) and he was able to read these books himself, although he preferred me to read them at bedtime because it’s always better to have momma read to you. I asked if this was a subscription he would like to continue (he has received a lot of different boxes over the years, so he knows what he does and doesn’t like) He said he would like to continue this one, for me the price is right $25 a month and I used a discount code to drop that down to $15 for the first box. I don’t mind spending money for books, he has quite the library and I am more than happy to keep adding to it and book subscriptions are the perfect way to do that since you get a variety of books, themes, authors, and skill levels.Owl post Imagination Box has a flash sale right now for the Fourth of July for 20% off.